Tuesday, September 2, 2008


IL is the sortform for Information Literacy..I've been taking this subject in my final sem that is this sem..
Before this, I've never heard about IL..So I just relax je..
First day I attend to IL's class, I was excited to get to know who is my lecturer and also about the subject..maybe..hehehehe..
For my first class, I've been told by my friends that Madam Aisyah will teach me for this subject..I'm very happy coz I've known her before coz she had taught me in Computer 1..She's very nice and love to make jokes with their students..
Suddendly..there's something happeen in ICT's Department, then my class needs to change lecturer. This time, I felt scared to get to know about my new lecturer..
Fortunately, the person that will teach me is Madam Ayu Rafikah..Actually..I know a little bit information about her before this from my senior..She's very sporting and also nice..That was the most important..hahahaha...
After 1 week, I started my lecture..For the first time I opened the IL's textbook,
I felt likes want to sleep..
There are so many words that I needs to read and memorizes..Perrrrggghh...I was tired to memorize many things..But..to pass, I do not have any choices..That time, I set my mind to take the risks to be success..And now..I still learn about this subject and wait for my final examination..Hopefully...I will pass to go to main campus at GOMBAK..

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haziq said...

at last..sleep in class...!!