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Apa kata survey

Hospital bersalin swasta...

 I've done some survey regarding that since my fren told me that private hospital won't accept us to deliver at their hospital if we don't do check-up since 7 months pregnancy....but the lack of info is i don't know which doctor is perform well dan favourable...maybe u out there has the info...lets share it k...

Hospital Ampang Puteri (KPJ) Pakej bersalin

•Single bed room : RM 2650
•Double bed room : RM2350
•4 bed room : RM2050
*pakej ini adalah bg normal delivery shj, termasuk caj wad 3hari 2 mlm, mkn, doktor, labour room, nursery etc. If we take epidural/deliver through vacuum/forcept there will be an extra charge for that.

If C-sect : RM 10,000**

Doktor pompuan available are, Dr. Fauziah, Dr. Kufumani, Dr. Ariza & Dr. Zalina.
For more info please visit

Hospital Tawakal (KPJ)
Xde pakej utk hospital ni... Rate bersalin
•Normal : RM 2k** - RM 4k**
•C-sect : RM 7k**
•single bed room : RM230/day
•double bed room : RM160/day
•4 bed room : RM100/day
•Nursery : RM80/day
*There will be an extra charge for epidural/vacuum/forcept etc
Doktor pompuan available sorang je, which is Dr. Siti Zaleha

For more info please visit

Hospital Pusrawi
Rate available:
•Normal delivery : RM 2500-3k** for 2days 1 night stay
•C-sect : RM7500-8k** for 4days 3 night stay
*extra charge for epidural/vacuum/forcep etc.
Doktor pompuan available : Dr. Asmah, Dr. Adilah, Dr.Nor Kedah, Dr.Norfida, Dr. Habibah
For more info please call 03-2687 5000 (Pusrawi)

Pusat Perubatan KOHILAL Melawati
Pakej available
•Normal : RM1500**
•Normal (doc specialist) : RM1700**
•C-sect : RM6k**
*pakej ni include wad, mkn, caj bersalin etc.
*extra charge for epidural/vacuum/forcept etc.
Doktor pompuan available is Dr. Norshida

Hospital Pakar Al-Islam (Kg. Baru)
Pakej available:
•Normal : RM1300 (4 bed room, specialist doc. etc.)
Without package:
•Normal : RM2500++
 •C-sect : RM5500-6000++
 •single bed room : RM150/day (@wad bersalin)
•4 bed room : RM100/day
 •Nursery : RM60/day
 Doktor pompuan available, Dr. Norlida & Dr. Rosilawati

•Normal: RM4k-7k++ (including stay 2h 1m dll)
•C-sect : RM9k-10k++ (including 3h-4h stay dll)
•Dr. Seri & Dr. Tan (pompuan)
•extra charge on epidural/vacuum/forcept etc.

UKM Specialist Centre
•Normal : RM3k-4k++ (including stay 3h 2m)
•C-sect : RM6K-7k++
•Dr. Lim & Dr. Helina (pompuan)
•extra charge on epidural/vacuum/forcept etc.

Ha...selain kat atas ni...baik prepare gak utk survey gov hospital. Why? Sbb nye kalo ade komplikasi, private hospital akan refer kite ke gov. tgh tanye2 gak sape yg ade experienced bersalin kat hospital gov:

•Hospital Ampang
•Hospital Selayang

Harap info di atas membantu. Untuk lebih clear bleh direct call ke hospital berkenaan k.

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